City of DeKalb Re–Brand

For this project, I was required to develop a brand design and a wayfinding signage system for the city of DeKalb, Illinois. The design was inspired using the city’s current list of attributes: opportunity, innovation, philanthropy, family friendly and welcoming. Clear and vibrant photographs of the city were used as the focal points of the overall design. The design follows a strict block system that can be effectively applied to all touch points of different sizes. The color scheme of the design comes from the city’s existing logo, with two additional complimentary colors.

The touch points of this project included a visitor’s advertisement, a business advertisement, a visitor’s brochure, a business brochure, three wayfinding signs and a complete brand manual.

Photography courtesy by and the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce.

InDesign, Photoshop



Visitor’s Advertisement


Business Advertisement


Visitor’s Brochure


Business Brochure


Brand Manual


Wayfinding Signage System Diagram