San Anto Zine Fest Re–Brand

This project is the complete re–branding of the San Antonio Zine Fest located in San Antonio, Texas. The project touch points included a logo, a stationery system, a brochure series, a poster, a postcard series and a responsive website design. All the deliverables were printed on Madero Beach Speckletone stock paper from the French Paper Company.

InDesign, Photoshop, Adobe Muse


Brochure Series

Postcard Series



Zine Artwork Credits:

“Garden of the Womanimal” by Caroline Paquita.
“Die k. k. Hofzuckerbäckerei Demel” by Federico von Berzewiczy–Pallavicini.
“Miscarriage. The Abortive Attempt.” by Loretta Baretta and Carmen Monoxide’s Miscarriage Magazine, 1977–1978.
“The Sun Our Nearest Star” written by Franklin M. Branley and illustrated by Helen Borten.
“100 pages. 5 zines.” by Kazunari Hattori, Tomoo Gokita, Daifu Motoyuki, Takashi Homma, Ai Tsuchikawa.
“Presence” Collaborative poetry magazine with various contributors from the Beat Generation.
“No Magazine” An LA and NY fanzine circa 1978–1985. Image courtesy Arthur Fournier.
“Rituals” by Beci Orpin Eirian Chapman.
“Anátema” by Heitor Kimura.
“Flash Zine” by Jake Foreman.
“Riot Grrrl Zine” by Riot Grrrl.
“Knock Before Entering” by Yondr Studio.
“Unmatter” by Dominic Kesterton.
Untitled Zine by Hattie Stewart.